Our Initiatives

The Innovative Education Grants Program

The program that "started it all", the Innovative Education Grants program aims to award $250,000+ annually to teachers, programs and departments around the district, for projects that have a signficant impact on student learning. The grants process is competitive and ensures the best and the brightest ideas are nurtured at the beginning stages. Grant funds cover projects that would typically fall outside the district's normal operating budget or are action-research oriented-- that is, innovative and experimental, but based in strong research. 

Wish List 2.0

The original "Teacher Wish List" was created to help donors inject funding directly into classrooms in the here and now. Teachers do not have to wait on an annual grants process, but can begin posting projects of interest and encouraging donors to support projects to get them off the ground. It is "Crowdfunding 101" Humble ISD Foundation-style. Any employee, department or student activity group may post a Wish List on the Foundation's system. To create, view or donate to a Wish List, please visit the "Schools" section of this website and click on the school you would like to support. 

Campus Campaigns

Campus Campaigns work directly with the Foundation to improve their fundraising efforts, maximize corporate matching and ensure their donors are well cared for. Campuses are able to raise funds for a variety of needs, from general educational support to capital-style campaigns for things like playgrounds, tracks and renovations. To give to a campus campaign, check the "Schools" section of our website. You may always make a donation to any campus in the district through Humble ISD Foundation, even if they are not actively engaged in a campaign. 

The Humble ISD Foundation Endowment

The Humble ISD Foundation operates, invests and manages an endowment currently valued at over $1 million. Many generous donors set up endowed grants, ongoing support of a campus or scholarships in their family's name or to honor a loved one. The Endowment is invested and spins off revenue annually, allowing donors to support programs in perpetuity with their gifts. Please contact our offices today if you wish to set up an endowed fund. 

Designated Gifts

Donors are always welcome to work directly with the Humble ISD Education Foundation to fund projects of interest to the donor or the donor's family. We will work directly with Humble ISD to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals. Please contact us directly if you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose.