As an alumnus of an Humble ISD school, are you looking for a way to support the Humble ISD Education Foundation, and in turn, your alma maters?

There are many ways you might wish to get involved. You could join the Humble High School or Kingwood High School Alumni Associations, support each school’s endowment, or maybe get involved in efforts to start an alumni organization for the other schools.

You may also find yourself helping through mentoring a student at your former school, or meeting with a student and writing a recommendation letter to a student who is applying to the same college or university you matriculated from.

Still, you can support your institution by allowing us to celebrate you. Send us information about births, job promotions or other kudos. We might be able to feature you in a newsletter or have you speak at an event.

Most importantly, as an alumnus/alumna, you can continue to keep the Humble ISD Foundation in the know by talking about us in your social and professional circles. Visit for information on the highlights of the district and its schools today, then let us know how you would like to get involved!